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Venue and travel
The best way to get to the Czech Republic for participants from abroad who are travelling long distances to get here is air transport. The most important airports are located 200 - 250 km from Olomouc (for example Prague or Vienna), but it is possible to use a smaller one (Brno, Ostrava). All of the other airports are connected with the town of Olomouc by railways and roads. It takes approximately 3 hours to get to Olomouc by train or by car from Prague and Vienna.

Travelling by train
Czech Railways has one of the densest railway networks in Europe. It offers comfortable, fast and affordable transport throughout the Czech Republic directly to your travel destinations. More information about Czech Railways (connections, ticket purchase etc.) are available on this link.

Getting to Olomouc - from Prague
How to get from Prague (Praha) airport to Prague main train station (Hlavni Nadrazi).

By public transport
  • The easiest and least expensive way is to take bus AE100 (Airport Express Number 100). This bus will take you to the main train station of Prague. You can buy the ticket directly from the driver; the cost is approximately 50 Czech crowns. For any further details see the weblink

    By official airport taxi
  • Official taxis can be found in front of terminal. Maximum price: One-time initial charge CZK 40, 1 km around or outside Prague one way CZK 28, 1 minute of waiting CZK 6.
  • Be sure to agree on a price with the driver before you leave.
  • Radiocab taxi (, (+420 220 117 078)
  • AAA RADIOTAXI (+420 221 102 211)
  • Taxi service at guaranteed tariff prices based on number of kilometers travelled
  • Official taxi

    How to get from main train station in Prague to Olomouc train station
    Once inside the main train station of Prague - Hlavni Nadrazi - go to the ticket counter or information center on the ground floor. Here you can buy the ticket for the train to Olomouc. We recommend a one way second class ticket on the "Pendolino" train (ICN fast train marked "SC" - journey to Olomouc takes approximately two hours) ) or Euro City train (marked "EC", journey takes approximately three hours ). Usually, there is a train every hour. You can look at the timetable for Czech trains and buy a ticket online at

    How to get from Olomouc train station to the meeting venue
    On foot
    The NH hotel is a 20 minute walk away from the station: continue along Masarykova to its end, then turn right onto Jiriho z Podebrad. Continue along Dobrovskeho. Turn right at Na Strelnici and continue along Dolni Hejcinska. The NH hotel will be on your left. Visualize you way with using of Google Maps.

    By public transport
    Located outside of the main train station in Olomouc is the tram station. Here you can purchase a ticket (either on the tram, at the ticket machine or at the counter in the train station). To reach the meeting venue, take trams no. 2, 7, or 4 and get off at the center (tram stop Namesti Hrdinu - tram 7 and continue by foot; tram stop U Koruny - trams 2 and 4 and continue by foot). Information for the tram/bus and time tables are available at (tram numbers - 2, 4, 7):

    NH Olomouc Congress Hotel (conference place)

    Getting to Olomouc - from Vienna
    For the transport from Vienna to Olomouc you can use either train? or bus (. The train journey from Vienna Simmering or Meidling train stations takes about 4 hours (see the website, choose "Olomouc hl.n.", which is the main station). These train stations are connected to the airport by public transport (about 30 minutes, check for connections).

    From Vienna airport, there is also a bus connection to Brno in the Czech Republic (about 2.45 hours), from where you have frequent train connections to Olomouc (about 2 hours). These connections can also be checked online ( ). In addition, there is a direct bus connection from Vienna airport to Olomouc bus terminal which takes about 5.25 hours (
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    December, 15th, 2009 - first announcement, webpage open

    July, 31th, 2010 - deadline for abstracts

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    November, 24-25th, 2010 - conference venue

    November, 26th, 2010 - HEPA annual meeting

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    Movement and Health 2010 (c) 2006-2010 - Faculty of Physical Culture Palacký University Olomouc (c) - Website: Kamil Kopecký (c) 2009-2010

    Tato konference je podpořena z projektu "Vytvoření a implementace edukačního systému podpory pohybové aktivity na českém akademickém poli" (CZ.1.07/2.2.00/07.0119).

    This conference is co-sponsored by the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic, project (CZ.1.07/2.2.00/07.0119).